Edible Games Cookbook: Play With Your Food

Created by Jenn Sandercock & Edible Games

A beautiful cookbook of a dozen tabletop games you really eat! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Edible Games Cookbook will collect a dozen unique and tasty edible games into a beautiful, full-colour, limited edition cookbook. Get a copy for yourself and be the first to amaze your friends and family with games that are as much fun for your stomach as they are for your brain.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Live Playtasting in Seattle
8 days ago – Sun, Jan 13, 2019 at 11:18:04 PM

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Completing Chapters & Requesting Playtasters!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 11:09:30 PM

Season's Greetings!

Create a Christmas Village with friends, then play-eat Gingerbread Friends to learn more about everyone.
Create a Christmas Village with friends, then play-eat Gingerbread Friends to learn more about everyone.

As stated before, I won't be doing many updates here on Kickstarter. To find out about what's been going on with me, read the latest newsletter.

The basics are that I'm now completing chapters. Although I already tested the games, I haven't tested whether people can understand both the recipes and the rules without me guiding them.

So I need playtasters to make-play-eat a chapter and report back on it. Yes, playTASTERs not playtesters, since you'll be tasting and playing.

The first two chapters available are Gingerbread Friends, and Flip 'n' Stick. More chapters will be getting released soon.

If you backed at the digital version or above, you're eligible to help out. Simply sign up using this form.

If you opted for "no reward", you can change or upgrade via BackerKit to become eligible.

Thank You for 2018

At the start of 2018, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get the funds to finish this crazy idea of a cookbook full of games you eat. Thank you so much for giving me so much happiness and letting me follow my dream. I love making this book for you. Not so much that I'll keep doing it forever, but I'm going to appreciate it while I can.

I'm looking forward to 2019 when I'll be able to hold a cookbook with my name on it and see photos of people around the world creating their own versions of my games.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

Milestones & Edible Games Event in Philly
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 06, 2018 at 05:50:39 PM

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BackerKit Surveys Live
5 months ago – Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 10:51:39 PM

It’s been exactly one month since the Kickstarter finished! One month of a bit of rest and then me getting going on turning my dream into a reality.

Doing research for the many recipes for the cookbook. It's great to have a legitimate reason to buy more cookbooks and read them in the office.
Doing research for the many recipes for the cookbook. It's great to have a legitimate reason to buy more cookbooks and read them in the office.

The big news is that I’ve set up BackerKit for surveys. This means that you can change pledge levels, get extra books, and other great things. You should find an email from me & BackerKit in your inbox within the next day.

Although I’m not actually shipping the cookbooks until next year, these surveys will help me with planning. For example, I’m asking what your preferences are for measurement units, dietary restrictions, and baking difficulty. Everyone will still be getting the same book, but if I find out an unexpectedly large portion of people want gluten-free recipes (for example), I’ll know to spend extra time on those recipes.

Your Name in the Cookbook

As a thank you to all of you for helping make this dream come true, you can choose to get your name in the acknowledgements in the book! Just put in your name as you’d like it to appear when you complete your survey. Please use your actual name, abbreviations of surnames are fine for anonymity reasons (e.g. “Jenn S” instead of “Jenn Sandercock”).

Note: I will be reading all these names and reserve the right to exclude any language that is inappropriate (e.g. swear words).

Seattle Workshop Backers

I’ve locked in a venue and two dates in November this year! If you backed at this level, please complete the survey as soon as possible so I can email you to confirm your preferred date and time. If you didn’t back at this level, you can still upgrade!

Backer Updates vs Newsletter

I’m going to keep these backer emails pretty short with just the important things you need to know for your pledge, e.g. updating your shipping address, when big milestones happen. I’m doing this so that you know if an email comes in from Kickstarter it’s a big deal and you should pay attention.

For those of you who’d like to find out more about what goes into making the Edible Games Cookbook, sign up to my newsletter. Every month, I’ll post about what I’ve been working on, events I’m going to and maybe have some guest posts about layout, photography and illustration. Read the August Edition where I talk about dice s'mores, budgeting and recipe planning, as well as upcoming events like XOXO and SHUX.

That's all for now. Thanks for backing, folks! Please fill out that survey and eat something that puts a smile on your face.

Thank You! Sweet Success - Literally!
6 months ago – Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 10:02:31 PM

The Campaign is Over!

$104,369 with 1,615 wonderful, fantastic, brilliant backers!!

WOW!!!! This is amazing!! All the hard word to date has paid off. Now I get to do less promoting and more baking! YAY!

 What an amazing finish. We blasted through the $100,000 stretch goal and just kept going. So now everyone gets a 13th game in the cookbook!

To those 3 backers who jumped in during the last 10 minutes! Thanks for joining in the nick of time!

How Did We Get Here?

Sketch of my very first edible board game idea.
Sketch of my very first edible board game idea.

Nine years ago I had an idea about combining food and board games. Then over 2 and a half years ago I made the decision to create a cookbook of edible games. For a long time I was designing, baking, going to events and more while working full time on other games.

Thanks to you all, I’m so excited to be able to finally get the time to work full time on edible games. I feel so lucky and privileged to have enough money from people who believe in me to work on something I believe in. I’m not always the best at with self-confidence and believing in myself, so thank you for helping me out and giving me a resounding message that brings tears of happiness to my eyes. Thank you, thank you!

I can’t wait to get the book completed and in your hands or download folders!

What Next?

Right now, I’m going to take a short vacation to recover from a full month of self-promotion and stress, and all the time before that preparing for the Kickstarter. I’ll be back up and going full steam ahead by August to get down to business and get a baker’s dozen of games written, photographed and put into a beautiful cookbook for you.

Thank you for being friendly, welcoming backers. We’re now a big family and I’m going to call you all Bake Backers, even if you’re not that into baking!

Until the next update!